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Surrey FaceBooth Presents - Ring Roamer

Surrey FaceBooth LTD, ​Introduing a new design. The "Ring Roamer"​.A portable booth that can travel the dancefloor and engage with guests rather then being a stationery booth.

Do you feel like every event you go to has the same ole’ things happening every time? We have the perfect solution to spice up your next party! Our **ALL NEW** Ring Roamer is perfect! So why have a Ring Roamer at your party? Here are the top 4 reasons!

  1. It’s brand new! Who doesn’t love to be the first to have a cool new innovative style of entertainment at their party? That could be you!
  2. It’s mobile! Photo Booths are excellent for just about any party but the Ring Roamer makes an excellent mobile addition to get people out of the corner and participating in the party.
  3. It makes people excited! When people see the Ring Roamer with it’s funky fun ring light, they are curious and want to try it out! They try it once and come back for more!
  4. It’s perfect for all ages! While traditional photo booths are also great for people of all ages, the Ring Roamer is extra special because it mobile. Sometimes you will have older guests or very small children who have to stay seated, you can bring the Ring Roamer to their seat! People of all ages want in on the action!