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Photo Booth vs Magic Mirror

This year we launched our brand new Magic Mirror, also known as a Selfie Mirror. Now that we have used it for several booths we wanted to share the differences and how it compares to some of our regular Photo Booths. Whilst the Magic Mirror works the same as a Photo Booth there are some definate differences between them.

Main Differences

With a Magic Mirror the camera and TV are hidden behind a giant mirror, so to the guests its like looking at a standard mirror but they can see the TV behind it. Once the photos have been taken they can add a message and even send the photos direct to their phone! With a normal Photo Booth the DSLR camera is landscape and captures more group shots from the waist up, whilst with the Magic Mirror it gets more head to toe shots with less people as the DSLR camera is portrait.

Picture Quality

There is no difference in the picture quality on either booth. We use the exact same DSLR cameras for all of our units.


We generally need a lot less space for our Magic Mirror and Open Booths. This is a definate advantage for the smaller venues. Our Magic Mirror also takes a lot less time to setup.


Another advantage of the Magic Mirror is that we can capture kids, adults and even wheelchair users without having to adjust the camera. Whilst with our Photo Booths whilst we can still accomodate this we would need to adjust the camera inbetween shots.


At this current moment the Magic Mirror is the only unit in our inventory which guests can add emojis and text to photos. This is the only unit that guests can also instantly send the photos to their phones. However we are at the moment looking to roll these features out to our other Photo Booths. You can also choose from one of our backdrops or order your own on the Magic Mirror, whereas this option is only available on our Open Booth.


At the time of publication a Photo Booth is £299.99 for 2 hours vs a Magic Mirror at £399.99 for 2 hours. However we do feel the Magic Mirror offers a more "premium" service and do not wish to lower the value in the industry.