How does the booth work?

You simply touch the screen to start, pose & smile then wait 15 seconds and collect your instant printout from the side. It really is that easy.

How long does it take to setup the photo booth?

The photo booth takes 1 hour to set up and this will be set up prior to your requested start time unless otherwise agreed upon.

What size of space is required for the photo booth set up?

The standing booth required 2.5m (H) x 2.5m (L) x 2.5m (W). This does not include prop box table and enough depth to allow guests to easily move in and out. If space is limited, then please let us know as we can create a smaller set up.
Our Open Booth fits virtually anywhere

How many people can I get in the booth?

Our current record is 15.

Does your photo booth come with props?

Of course, all of our packages include props as standard. We normally carry approx 5 suitcases of props.

Can I customise my background

Yes. We have green screen technology and can add almost any picture as a background. Just beware the quality won’t be as good as a standard backgroud (also available to personalise)

Can I have colour or black and white prints?

Yes you can choose at the beginning of the event what type of effect you would like.

Can you do different print layouts?

Yes, we have thousands to choose from.

Can I choose to have branding on my prints?

Absolutely! When you book our booths we will ask you what you would like on your printout and our Graphic Designer will help create this.

What is a guestbook?

Our guestbooks are a great way to remember your special event. Your guests get to put their pictures and personal messages into a guestbook, then view all the special moments afterwards. Your guests also get a copy of the pictures as we give double strip prints with every guestbook. Our guestbooks can be customised for an extra charge.

Do you supply the glue and pens for the guestbook?

Yes, we supply a variety of pens and glue for your guests to stick their photos in and write a nice comment.

Who sticks the photos in the guestbook and will all the prints be stuck in?

It is up to your guests to stick in the printouts, we will prompt the guests and let them know that one copy is for the guestbook. Not everyone will put their photos in the book unfortunately we cannot ensure everyone does use the guestbook!

Can we supply our own props?

We encourage you to bring along any special props that your guests may enjoy. You can also customize any of our props for an extra cost.

How long does the set-up take?

It takes around 45-60 minutes to set up and 45 – 60 minutes to pack away. Set-up and collection is included in all of our prices. If you wish to have the booth set up before the start time then there is a per hour idle time fee.

What happens if you are late?

Unfortunately this can happen for reasons out of our control but we will make the time up by staying longer


Our staff are only contracted to stay for the original hire time, we will try to set-up as quickly as possible so you get the most time from the booth but we will not stay any longer than the original time booked. So please ensure we can set up before your specified start time.

What are the electricity requirements for your products?

We just need one standard plug point as close to the area as possible

What if we need help during the event?

All of our packages come with a attendant who will be there to help out.

How will I be able to view all of the photos from the event?

All images will be placed on our web gallery 3 – 4 days after the event and extras can be purchased directly through our online shop. We also post images on Facebook.

Who owns the pictures and photo rights from each event?

Surrey FaceBooth has sole ownership of all photos taken and processed from every event.

Why is there a watermark on my images online?

We apply a watermark on our online galleries but don’t worry, when you purchase a download or product this will be removed.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes, a non-refundable deposit is required to secure your booking.

Do you have public liability insurance?

Of course, if you need details please ask.

Have your photo booths been PAT tested?

Of course, if you need details please ask.