Surrey FaceBooth Presents - Vintage Audio Guestbook

Surrey FaceBooth LTD, ​Introduing a new design. The "VINTAGE AUDIO GUESTBOOK"​.A audio guestbook that records messages from guests.

Do you feel like every event you go to has the same ole’ things happening every time? We have the perfect solution to spice up your next event! Our **ALL NEW** Audio Guestbook is perfect! So why have Audio Guestbook at your party? Here are the top 2 reasons!

  1. It’s brand new! Who doesn’t love to be the first to have a cool new innovative style of entertainment at their party? That could be you!
  2. Its a forever memory. Listen back to messages for years to come!


Just as you would leave a voicemail today, our audio guest books capture the authentic voices of your event. A Father leaves a heart-warming message for the bride and groom. The Grandma that tells a story from her wedding to Grampa. The colleague who gets too drunk, confessing his love for the boss. Simply pickup the phone and leave a message after the prompt! 

After the event we will send you the audio files