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Experience the Next Level of Memories: Introducing the Audio Guestbook


In a world dominated by technology and digital advancements, traditional guestbooks have evolved to embrace a new dimension of personalisation and nostalgia. Say goodbye to the traditional pen-and-paper guestbooks and welcome the era of the audio guestbook, an innovative and immersive way to capture memories and messages from your loved ones. With its ability to preserve heartfelt voices and emotions, the audio guestbook is revolutionizing the way we celebrate special occasions and cherish significant moments.

Magic Mirrors: A Unique and Entertaining Addition to Your Event

A magic mirror, also known as a photo booth mirror, is a modern and interactive twist on the traditional photo booth. With its large touch screen, motion sensors, and animations, a magic mirror offers a fun and entertaining experience for guests at events and special occasions.

Here are some reasons why you should consider adding a magic mirror to your next event:

Surrey FaceBooth Presents - Vintage Audio Guestbook

Surrey FaceBooth LTD, ​Introduing a new design. The "VINTAGE AUDIO GUESTBOOK"​.A audio guestbook that records messages from guests.

Do you feel like every event you go to has the same ole’ things happening every time? We have the perfect solution to spice up your next event! Our **ALL NEW** Audio Guestbook is perfect! So why have Audio Guestbook at your party? Here are the top 2 reasons!

June 2022 Surcharge

June 2022 Surcharge

From June 1st 2022 we have applied for a VAT registration. Whilst we cannot physically charge VAT until HMRC process and confirm the application and provide us with a VAT number we are still legally required to capture VAT. To do this we have increased our prices by 20%. If you are VAT registered and require a VAT invoice to reclaim VAT please let us know and we will reissue your invoice showing VAT once our application has been processed.

Wedding/PhotoBooth Scams

How to Avoid PhotoBooth and Other Wedding Scams

Recently there has been an increase in unscrupulous businesses trying to cash in on the PhotoBooth and wedding trends. In recent years photoboths have become a major hit at weddings, parties and corporate events. We have seen a worrying increase of couples contacting us last minute because their photobooth supplier went "bust" or "disappeared". So here are a few things to remember when booking a photobooth or any other supplier.

The Top Tips to having a photobooth at your wedding

Having a photobooth at your wedding ticks all the boxes. Firstly, it keeps your guests entertained and let’s be honest - people love taking photos! Secondly, your guests get to take a little memory of the fabulous time they’ve had, home with them to keep forever (photos are personalised with your details). And lastly, you get a copy of all the photos to have a giggle over when you return from honeymoon.