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Wedding/PhotoBooth Scams

How to Avoid PhotoBooth and Other Wedding Scams

Recently there has been an increase in unscrupulous businesses trying to cash in on the PhotoBooth and wedding trends. In recent years photoboths have become a major hit at weddings, parties and corporate events. We have seen a worrying increase of couples contacting us last minute because their photobooth supplier went "bust" or "disappeared". So here are a few things to remember when booking a photobooth or any other supplier.

The Top Tips to having a photobooth at your wedding

Having a photobooth at your wedding ticks all the boxes. Firstly, it keeps your guests entertained and let’s be honest - people love taking photos! Secondly, your guests get to take a little memory of the fabulous time they’ve had, home with them to keep forever (photos are personalised with your details). And lastly, you get a copy of all the photos to have a giggle over when you return from honeymoon.

Surrey FaceBooth Presents - DSLR POD

Surrey FaceBooth LTD, ​Introducing a new design. The "DSLR POD"​. A unattended POD with instant prints.

Similar to our Selfie POD but with the added advantage of high defination photos and instant prints. The DSLR POD has a unique design and can be used with or without a backdrop.

Do you feel like every event you go to has the same ole’ things happening every time? We have the perfect solution to spice up your next party! Our **ALL NEW** DSLR POD is perfect! 

Check availability now!


Surrey FaceBooth, Surrey's #1 Photo Booth & Magic Mirror provider are looking to expand their team! We are currently recruiting for a Photo Booth Attendant. 

Surrey FaceBooth LTD is a small family owned business that has grown considerably in the last 24 months. In order to meet our most recent demands we are looking to recruit a Photo Booth Attendant to assist with operations. The ideal candidate will be self-employed and responsible for their own tax and national insurance contributions.

Photo Booth vs Magic Mirror

This year we launched our brand new Magic Mirror, also known as a Selfie Mirror. Now that we have used it for several booths we wanted to share the differences and how it compares to some of our regular Photo Booths. Whilst the Magic Mirror works the same as a Photo Booth there are some definate differences between them.

Main Differences

Surrey FaceBooth Presents - Ring Roamer

Surrey FaceBooth LTD, ​Introduing a new design. The "Ring Roamer"​.A portable booth that can travel the dancefloor and engage with guests rather then being a stationery booth.

Do you feel like every event you go to has the same ole’ things happening every time? We have the perfect solution to spice up your next party! Our **ALL NEW** Ring Roamer is perfect! So why have a Ring Roamer at your party? Here are the top 4 reasons!

Work Has Begun On Our Magic Mirror

Work has begun on our latest edition to the Surrey FaceBooth Family.

Our Magic Mirror Booth will be ready and available to hire from approx. May 1st. 

We are planning on a 42" TV built behind a 60" mirror with frame. The mirror will be equipped with a Canon DSLR camera and Mitsubishi Dye Sub Printer. All of our booths are made in house and custom built so each are 1 of a kind!

Stay turned for more information and further photos!