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Surrey FaceBooth Presents - Ring Roamer

Surrey FaceBooth LTD, ​Introduing a new design. The "Ring Roamer"​.A portable booth that can travel the dancefloor and engage with guests rather then being a stationery booth.

Do you feel like every event you go to has the same ole’ things happening every time? We have the perfect solution to spice up your next party! Our **ALL NEW** Ring Roamer is perfect! So why have a Ring Roamer at your party? Here are the top 4 reasons!

Work Has Begun On Our Magic Mirror

Work has begun on our latest edition to the Surrey FaceBooth Family.

Our Magic Mirror Booth will be ready and available to hire from approx. May 1st. 

We are planning on a 42" TV built behind a 60" mirror with frame. The mirror will be equipped with a Canon DSLR camera and Mitsubishi Dye Sub Printer. All of our booths are made in house and custom built so each are 1 of a kind!

Stay turned for more information and further photos!