Inflatable Photo Booth

🎈 Step into a world of fun and festivity with Surrey FaceBooth's Inflatable Photo Booth! 📸

Inject a burst of energy into your event with our exciting inflatable photo booth experience. Perfect for any occasion, our booth promises laughter, memories, and endless entertainment for you and your guests. Let Surrey FaceBooth transform your event into a celebration to remember! 🎉

📸 Spacious & Vibrant

Step into our inflatable booth adorned with dynamic designs, providing ample space for group photos.

🎉 All-inclusive Fun

From quirky props to elegant accessories, enjoy a diverse selection for creating unforgettable photos.

💖 Instant Mementos

Witness your memories come to life with instant prints, allowing guests to take home tangible souvenirs of the occasion.

🎈 Dive into the excitement with Surrey FaceBooth's Inflatable Photo Booth! 📸

Make a splash at your next event with our vibrant and eye-catching inflatable photo booth experience! Whether it’s a birthday party, corporate gathering, or wedding celebration, our Inflatable Photo Booth adds a fun and unique element that will leave your guests buzzing with excitement.

🌟 What makes our Inflatable Photo Booth stand out? 🌟

📸 Spacious and inviting: Step inside our spacious inflatable booth and strike a pose against a backdrop of colourful and dynamic designs.

🎉 Endless entertainment: From silly props to elegant accessories, our booth is stocked with everything you need to create memorable and hilarious photos that will be cherished for years to come.

💖 Instant prints: Watch as your photos are instantly printed out, allowing guests to take home tangible mementos of the occasion.

🔥 Easy setup and operation: Our dedicated team will handle every aspect of setup and operation, ensuring a hassle-free experience for you and your guests.

📸 Share the joy: Share your photos instantly on social media or via email, spreading the joy and excitement of your event with friends and family near and far.

🎊 Elevate your event with Surrey FaceBooth’s Inflatable Photo Booth! Contact us today to book your date and let the fun begin! 🎈


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We have put together some general answers to the specific INFLATABLE BOOTH service.

The inflatable enclosure measures approx 3x3x3 m.

No, as we cannot tie down the inflatable enclosure its not suitable for outdoor use. Please see services and filter by “OUTDOOR”.

The inflatable booth can be setup in 30minutes. We normally arrive an hour before!

Yes, the inflatable booth requires a constant airflow to remain inflated throughout the event. However, our quiet yet powerful blower ensures minimal noise disturbance.
Yes, our inflatable booths are wheelchair accessible, allowing all guests to comfortably enter and enjoy the photo-taking experience.

Just a standard UK plug socket is needed!

We have put together some general answers to common photo booth and overal service questions not specific to this service.
Our photobooths are user-friendly. Guests can simply follow the on-screen instructions, and press a button to start capturing memories instantly.
Our largest photobooth requires approximately a 3x3x3 m area. However, our smallest requires approximately the same size as a person!. We can accommodate spaces based on your venue.
Sometimes, you will need to speak to us prior to booking.
Yes, we provide a fun and varied selection of props to enhance your photo-taking experience at no additional cost.
Absolutely! We offer customisable print designs to match your event theme, including logos, text, and colors.