Photo Booths Help You Reduce Stress, Says New Study

Vogue Photo Booth

Stuttgart: Stress is a major cause of several lifestyle related diseases and health conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, and several cardiovascular conditions. Stressful lifestyle is one the root causes of excessive cortisol hormone production in the body that is proven to be related to obesity and high body fat percentage. Although, running, meditation, cardio exercises and yoga are excellent ways for stress relief, but according to a research study, people who love taking pictures in photo booths can significantly reduce their stress level, because it is fun and rejoicing to take pictures with your friends and family.

According to a research conducted by German Psychologists, they discovered people enjoy taking their pictures and majority of them enjoy their time with friends taking group pictures. With funny props people making silly faces to take photos is an activity that helps them rejuvenate their mood. It uplifts you and can be a great tool relieve stress. The research study was conducted on a group of 30 women and men. Some of them also had symptoms of depression and other metal health issues. Majority of men and women who participated in the study noticed pisitive impact on their mood as they spent good time with their mates taking pictures, making silly faces and enjoying those funny props.

“These days, you have photo booths in every other party or event and people love taking group pictures in those photo booths. What is more interesting is that fact that, more than taking picture it is the good time that people get to spend with their friends makes them feel happy, and when you’re happy you relieve stress. Undoubtedly, photo booth makes an event more interactive and fun,” said James Muller, a Psychologist from Stuttgart.

Photo booths are definitely a must have in a party event, because it makes it more interactive and enjoying for people. Everyone loves taking pictures in a photo booth, and if it helps as a stress buster, then it is definitely worth a spot in your parties.